Compliance Minder

Health & Safety Compliance
Governance Compliance
Fiduciary Compliance
Food Safety Compliance
Education Compliance
Insurance Renewals
Equipment Maintenance
Driver License Renewals
Driver License Renewals
Human Resource

Why Compliance Minder ...

Key problems we are solving.

Centralizing Corporate Tasks & Responsibilities
Providing Escalation for Uncompleted Mission Critical Task
Ensuring corporate responsibilities are executed
Ensuring Compliance
Providing an Audit Trail

We Do Not Try To Replace Existing Systems !

No impact on existing accounting, ERP or CRM systems, We allow for easy import of all

Our system then easily exports alert response logs


A plan for any size company


20 Alerts
$ 150 Monthly
  • $1,500 / Year


60 Alerts
$ 300 Monthly
  • $3000 / Year
Best Seller


250 Alerts
$ 1000 Monthly
  • $10000 / Year


1000 Alerts
Call for Pricing
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